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Trauma Informed

Ashley has spent the majority of her education and career working towards a trauma informed practice.  She is especially experienced in working with survivors of childhood trauma and sexual assault, and is passionate about helping people heal from trauma.


Massage therapy provides a safe and controlled way for your body to begin to heal from past trauma.  My goal is to ensure that you feel in complete control of your body and the session at all times.  At NCIW, “No” is a complete sentence and you will never be pressured into anything. We will keep in contact throughout the session about pressure, technique, and comfort.  You are not required to remove any clothes if you don’t want to, but if you do remove clothes, rest assured that privates will remain draped during the entirety of the session. 


Our intake forms ask about any triggers you may have, and body areas you’d like to avoid having worked on.  Prior to your session, we will sit down and chat about your goals for the session.  I’ll give you an opportunity to elaborate on triggers if you’d like, however I will never ask you about the cause of the triggers, the nature of the trauma, or any other personal information.  If you prefer not to lie face down, we can do the massage face up and side lying.  Occasionally, people will find themselves having a cathartic emotional release- this doesn’t happen often but is usually very productive and positive when it does.  


If you’d like an example of what you can expect at your session, please see our FAQ page.  If you have any questions, please contact us via phone, text, or email.

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