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Heat Therapy

What We Offer


We offer relaxing heat therapy in two ways.  We have a heated massage table which functions both to keep you warm and mentally relaxed as well as to provide heat therapy to your muscles which compliments the massage by inducing muscular relaxation.  We also have a warming lamp called a TDP lamp which helps to warm and increase circulation in a specific part of the body.  


Who Would Benefit?


Everyone!  Ashley has been heavily trained in the use of heat therapy and special precautions will be taken with certain populations, for example those who are pregnant or who experience neuropathy.  However these methods of heat therapy can be applied in a safe and gentle way for all who want them. 


What to Expect


The table warmer will be on by default.  If you prefer not to have it on, or want the temperature adjusted higher or lower, we can do that.  The TDP lamp is used on a case by case basis, when indicated or requested.  It will be placed over the area of concern at a safe distance, and the temperature of your skin will be closely monitored throughout the session.  The lamp generally does not stay on any one location for more than 20 minutes but can create a beneficial, gentle warmth over the low back, abdomen, or feet for most people. 

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