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What are you doing to keep me safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Great question!  Please see our COVID safety protocols page for in depth information about this.


What if I’m not sure if massage will help me?

Please feel free to reach out via email, text, or phone for a free socially distant consultation prior to booking your appointment. We’ll be happy to discuss your concerns.


How should I prepare for my session?

You do not have to do anything to prepare for your session.  Come as you are!


Should I shave for my appointment?

There is absolutely no need for anyone to shave prior to a massage appointment.  We use oil to prevent pulling hair, and we never mind “leg stubble” if you have it. Body hair is natural and welcome in any form, any length, and on any body.


What clothing will I be expected to wear or remove for my massage?

The short answer is it’s totally up to you!  Some people prefer to leave all their clothes on, while others prefer to remove all their clothes. Most people like to leave their underpants on and remove everything else.  Ultimately, it’s up to you and your comfort level. All privates will remain covered with a drape at all times regardless of your level of undress.


I’m sensitive to smells.  Do you use fragrances in your office?

While I do not use fragrances in the massage room, others who share my office do and there is a low residual fragrance.  In the future I will be offering a fragrant free location, however at this point I can not guarantee a completely fragrant free space.


What is included in the session time?

We want you to walk away feeling your very best.  Because of that, we charge by time, not service.  This means that when you book a 60 minute session, it’s 60 minutes of whatever you and I decide will be most beneficial for you. This means your massage appointment could include cupping, gua sha, acupressure, auricular acupressure, and/or heat therapy all at one flat rate.  No hidden fees. 


Should I tip?

Tips are appreciated but never required.  If tipping creates a financial burden or makes it difficult for you to come for your session regularly, then I request that you refrain from leaving a tip and instead come back to see me. I’d rather be able to see you when you need it and will never be offended.

How early should I arrive for my massage?

Please wait in your car until your massage appointment time.  Due to COVID our lobby is currently closed.


Can I talk during my massage?

Absolutely.  I will never initiate conversation because I want your massage to be your time to relax in whatever way you’d like.  If talking feels most comfortable, then go right ahead!

What if I fall asleep?

I take snores and naps as a compliment! If you fall asleep, I’ll gently wake you at the end of your session or when it’s time to turn over.  


Will the massage hurt?

We will stay in communication about pressure throughout the massage and I’ll adjust pressure to suit your individual preference.  The saying “no pain, no gain” is a myth when it comes to massage and you do not have to be in pain in order to see positive results.


How many sessions will I need? How often should I come?

These are great questions that can only be answered after a consultation.  Please reach out via text, phone, or email and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific concerns.


What if I need to cancel?

You can cancel any time, for any reason up to 24 hours before your appointment.  Cancelling or rescheduling with less than 24 hours notice will result in you being charged in full.  If you are cancelling due to flu like symptoms or any other COVID precautions, please call to cancel and we will waive the fee.

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